Friday, September 16, 2011

Empty wallets and familiar closets

Empty wallets and familiar closets
I've been dating the same man for almost 8 years. We love dates: going out, exploring the town, traveling around, mingling over a drink, hitting up a live gig,finding a laugh, trying something new, catching a rarity. But we can't do that most days outside our home because we have 3 children, and all the babysitters in town are victims of the cell-phone age and social outings.

Be that as it is...

My house is extremely date friendly. At first glace it might seem like a older, brick, boring, small 'don't solicit there' house, with it's glass doors on the garage and predictable wear and tear. But, first glances only last a blink.

(perspective change) We have an old door bell that rings in the key of G for enough seconds to stir up the energy. A hidden private sitting area in the front yard that has a custom made red couch with a pile of pillows, usually covered in leaves, that's way more attracting then any atmosphere downtown. The roof of our house is low enough to climb up on and watch the palm trees have midlife crisis’s. And the view can draw you in and convince you that you can see Mexico, if you'd just look long enough.

Our garage is like a whole different adventure. Half art gallery filled with vibrant artwork from artists within the house, some boxed away memories, a few piles of “some day’s”, a drum set that gets banged on at inconvenient times and in bizarre ways, a work area with organized tools, and lots of landscaping materials. The other half, is entrancing. Decor with lovers embracing, creative trinkets from times past, a guitar, a mostly lime green antique table with matching chairs that inspire freedom and conversation. A heavy twelve foot mirror hung sideways on the wall helps accurately ricochet fragile moments-at least some of them. And the tiny balloon lights hanging from the ceiling, as if they're above a small Italian market, instantly hide frowns and fatigue. It all flows together. It makes you feel like your in a private dive outdoor coffee bar. It reeks of romance.

The inside of our house does consist of the normal bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. But its also a great location for dates-acres of square footage loving. It's how I see it. Every nick and corner can be a perfect meeting place for romance, laughter and intimate living. And so when the town doesn't get to see us sporting our kid free for the evening struts, our home see's it. With so many date spots, it's a dating woman's dream!

It won't be long before I'm outside ringing my old trusty doorbell, dressed to distract, ready to enjoy a date, still feeling brand new. And as the door opens and it's... well me again for the eighth year in a row, I can't wait to see him and hear, “oh wow... wow, hey come on in” And before I know it, the wine is poured, my short blue dress is complimented, and he's looking at me eager to tell me some hilarious new idea that he's been thinking of for hours,and the kitchen doesn't seem so kitchen anymore. It doesn't seem so domestic, it doesn't seem like home. It seems like us.

And as the date ended, they didn't

       Date Idea: Chess TEAse
He had recently gotten heat stroke. All those long days in the Texas sun had caught up to him and forced him to slow down, except he didn't. He couldn't. Babies and bills, school and clients. I knew he was tired, I knew it would be fun to have a little us time. My pantry had a few remaining antique staple foods in it, and my fridge was currently housing some butter, eggs, and milk. I knew there was a bright blue dress in my closet that was jumping up and down for me to wear and I hadn't worn it yet because it was an outcast. It didn't fit the way I loved it, unless I pinned it into my bra. Since I thought this wasn't a good in public dress I figured, tonight I'd give it a shot. Hmmm, but what to do? Chess has always been relaxing for us, it's also distracting. It's hard to think of getting your website up to date, or your physics homework done when your Queen is in jeopardy. As far as drinks...well since we were staying current on our utilities I knew with water, we could enjoy the hottest tea around. It wasn't anything special a few dried herbs that we had sitting in a jar for a few months. But, I figured if I couldn't have gourmet tea, I could have really really hot tea. I'd boil that tea good, it would be well done tea. I totally know how to compensate myself!

After the kids were asleep and the snicker-doodles cooling off. I rearranged my leather couch into the corner. It comes apart into three sections so it was easy to create a little competition corner for our famous chess game. After a few additions, a dim light, a tray for the tea and a cloth box for the cookies, I went to put on my 'outcast' dress.

He won.
He won quickly.
He loved the dress. He loved me in it.
We laughed. Ate cookie after cookie.
The well done tea, was perfect.
It was relaxing, sexy and cozy.
Our conversation was amazing-long.
Our kids lay sleeping,
Their dad and mom sat loving.

look under Come get me! at bottom for date instructions 

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  1. Way cute! Don't forget to look under "Come get me". Very do-able (if you can get your hubby to stay awake after sitting down ha ha). I'd like to hear some tips on that one.