Come get me!

Candlelight Drive  
  Enjoy the night riding around in a downtown lounge with the candlelight glow. You can make a few stops along the way at a favorite hide-away, or drive till your outta gas. (bring some extra) This is a safe date, not too over the top, and definitely not lame. I'd love to hear how it goes!!!!!

Getting Ready 
 Items: A vehicle with a bench seat. If you can't leave the house but want to try this one, use a bench outside, or some other setting.

            - 5 or 6 artsy pillows. If you don't have any, try to find something to help with the decor. (vibrant fabric, a sheet, etc)

             - 2 candles (don't forget matches)

             - Beverages, whatever you like. :Don't cut corners: If you are having coffee, use nice cups, etc     never drink and drive.

            - Something you both enjoy ( music, camera, lottery tickets, a game of chess, etc)

            - Chocolates- I recommend dark! If chocolates aren't your style anything to snack on (trail mix,etc)
Dress code -Something out of the ordinary. Try to "wow" him! Sexy, but comfortable. My dress was a sleeveless black and white dress with a bright red belt.

Accessories- A piece or two of jewelry is all you need for this one. Don't over do, you want to still feel carefree. 

Cayenne Pepper it- You drive!



Start Coffee Spots- start having coffee (tea, juice) in the morning in other areas: hallways, beds, on top of your vehicles, the roof(of course make sure your safe about it) etc. Hell move the couch five feet if you have to. Change it up every now and again! Do this till your mornings are more anticipated, more exotic, more connecting.

Start Quitting being boring: put the coffee cups on a sweet looking plate with some fresh pastries or fruit-eat somewhere you normally wouldn't. Pack the coffee cups and breakfast in an old tool box along with the morning paper (whatever you read) and eat on the front porch, balcony, etc. It doesn't really matter how you rearrange your “norm” just have some fun doing it, and add some things you both enjoy and have fun. Use items you wouldn't normally use, wear clothes you don't always wear, etc. There is nothing wrong with sitting in a wood chair eating food the customary way, its just the idea of getting out of a rut, to switch it up, make it special. After all we have seven awesome unique days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If you normally eat on your roof then the table might just be what you need! 

Start Talking: I don't care if your unseasoned, or shy, too dang loud, or all over the place in conversations-have them. Start them, listen in them, keep talking! Explore, except feedback, challenge yourself.

Start Listening: Breaking news, listening is sexy. There's something extremely revealing and exciting about listening to your man talk to you-you! It's liberating to listen unbiasedly, passionately and completely.

Start Initiating: Plan something fun for the evening (or whenever) Yes, YOU! No excuses even if its Tuesday. Yes, you initiate.

Start Planning ahead: Planning is fun. Planning helps you get into the mindset, helps you be prepared, helps you get excited. It helps in a million ways (I counted). Not planning as in - what are we going to talk about outline, or what are we going to do right down to the tea. Rather it's a general idea to help you get mentally, physically, and emotionally ready. If I knew I was going to be making a fun evening at home consisting of tea, a bright blue mini dress, and chess, I'd start thinking up some details around noon. I'd make some afternoon coffee and think...

Start not having Excuses, Excuses. Ugh talk about a major cancer for emotions. Don't not plan something because of excuses. If you don't have flowers and you want them on the table-re-route your thinking. It's probably just that you want the setting nice and with some decor. So many times I have had to go pick grass and parts of my weeds, branches with leaves, and put them in an artistic glass. Honestly, it looks really good and I prefer them in some situations. I mean how romantic is a dozen blades of tall grass?! A fresh deep green earthy feel arranged in a glass, looks surprisingly fresh and not too girlie for my liking. Anything can be altered and you might come up with something better. 

  Start and keep starting.

                                         Chess TEAse
This is good for when he's worn out, overstressed. Always mention that you are planning a date-its fun to anticipate, and it helps when he's not caught off guard.

Getting Ready:
Tea-  Any kind you want. I used dried herbs and then let them steep for a while and added honey. Use whatever you have. Don't have tea, try smoothies, coffee,etc. Put the cups on a tray. Add a snack. I made snicker-doodles. They were warm,gooey, perfect with tea.

Items: A tray for the tea, something unique to put the snack in, a sitting area for date. 2 moveable chairs so you can cozy off a section

Chess: This is a great mental escape game. Pente works great as well.

Attire: Wear something to offset the mellowness, but something sexy. I wore something I wouldn't wear out in public because it had a flaw (a hole, not the right bra, etc) It was a short bright blue sleeveless dress. Course I didn't make the flaw obvious. It was a lot bolder than the mood.

Accessories: A necklace or extra ring

Atmosphere :A dim private cozy corner that welcomes lingering conversation and flirting.

Cayenne Pepper it: Wear heels