Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 AM coffee

  During the week I wake up before the house and grind beans. Then its red couch, cozy sitting as my husband and I slowly leave behind the sleep and reach for the day. I love doing this.

 Dave leaves the house before the kids wake up so its our time to hang out, talk about faith or thermodynamics or this or that and sip slow. My favorite kind of sleep exchange. Eggs and orange juice replace the empty mugs. And then Daves off. 

After he leaves, my kids wake up one by one. Each one newly energized for a new today. They used to ask for a movie,  a phone, or a huge pancake breakfast every single morning. And most mornings I'd give in and stand hand on hip in front of the stove and  like Paul Revere yell 'the pancakes are coming, the pancakes are coming'!

They'd start the day watching movies which led to getting grumpy. Same with the phone.This seemed to make them fight easier and sooner. It wasn't noon before they were restless and irritable and it had nothing to do with sugar. And from there, the walls came tumbling down.

So, away went the movies and phones, away went the grumps, away went the stale routine. Because it hit me. This wasn't 5 am coffee for them.

So now, now in this house. When we wake up.

 We start the day off by doing what we love.

What we enjoy. We are each different. All blending into each others worlds to share in on what someone else is enjoying. And our worlds grow. Our loves grow. Inside out.

Thats why I wake at 5 am for coffee with Dave. Thats why we talk away in the quiet dark, and push each other forward into the day together. Thats why pancake making at 7 am is fun. And why markers lay spilled out on the table and three little kids are waking up the Texas sun with their creativity. Pictures line the table, the counters. Art flows and flows. And I journal.  Feeling renewed, I  pour more coffee and slip into the background and bake away the morning hunger.

From there we keep doing what we love. 

Learning.exploring. playing. homeschooling.adventuring.traveling. taking risks. relationships.

Sometimes it putt-putt golf and bookstore trips. Other times its lizard hunting and garage sales.  Spontaneous dates and Sunday drives, on sale wine and fishing trips....Its often the familiar inside of our home and the rainbowing of our imaginations....

And I start doing what needs to be done

cleaning, organizing, bills, grocery shopping, on and on.

 Because... it needs to be done, but I've realized that I don't mind it so much since the love-days flow has already been a drastic routine rebel riding through our lives shooting meaning, memories, and whole heartedness into this wild adventure.

Its been a lot more fun around here since we beat the old way of thinking down the road. We don't just wake up anymore. We wake up and start living. Using our time. Choosing it on purpose. 

I have plenty of things to do that aren't always fun. Always exciting. But I don't build them into day towers anymore. They aren't what I build my day around. Nor do I build my day for them. But I have to do them. 

So I do, but those are the things I have learned to live with, not for. 

Do what you love!